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Construction Management and Design-Build Contracting Experts


RIHC leads the industry in innovative construction management, design-build, and general contracting services with a focus on integrity in design and project management, utilizing the best tools in the industry.

Our advanced technology applications in all areas of the project – from initial design to completed construction – improve completion speed, accuracy, and resource management. Get in touch today to learn more about the RIHC difference.

We simply do things differently at RIHC Contracting.

We are more transparent with our clients, we believe in having open and honest dialogue, and we employ the best people and technology in the industry. From the kick-off meeting to project closeout, our clients have routinely stated that working with our staff has been a different experience compared to what they have become accustomed to in the industry.

It Begins with Our Leadership

Proven industry experts who hold themselves accountable for high quality, efficient processes and budget adherence. It’s starts at the top.

Our Core Values

The RIHC Vision

We are committed to our employees and our clients.

RIHC’s management team takes great pride in providing good paying jobs to good people. We also recognize that the quality of life for our employees and their families is influenced by the quality of the community in which they, and we, live. We believe that we can have a positive impact on our community, and thus the lives of our employees and their families, through targeted and intentional community involvement. We provide monetary support to numerous organizations each year and extend our belief that leadership is essential to the success of any entity. We encourage our employees to be active participants in those community organizations and events that are focused on community development and improvement.

While we believe that our employees are the very reason for our existence, our commitment to our clients is also inherent in everything we do.  For our employees to be successful, the company must be successful.  For the company to be successful, our clients must be successful.  To this end, our staff operates under the following tenets:

    • RELIABILITY | Plain and simple, do what you say you are going to do – from schedule to budget, under promise and over deliver. This is our expectation of ourselves and our subcontractors.
    • INTEGRITY | Above all else, maintain the highest ethical standards. It takes a lifetime to build a strong reputation, but only a single project or bad decision to ruin one.
    • HELPFUL | Project success requires early contractor involvement, where the contractor is engaged in the design, planning, and permitting process – not an observer.
    • COMMUNICATION | Transparent communication with internal and external stakeholders is key to the success of any project, whether communicating positive or negative information.

This commitment to our clients includes our promise of safety, service, cooperation, and quality.

We exist SOLELY FOR the benefit of our EMPLOYEES and we desire to improve their quality of life.

  • We will provide the safest possible working environment.
  • We will provide opportunity through growth.
  • We will remain involved in the communities where our employees live because we can impact the quality of life in those places.

We exist BECAUSE OF our clients and strive to help them and their businesses be successful long-term.

  • We will provide the highest level of service possible.
  • We will act with honesty and integrity.
  • We will always consider their interests in our decisions.

Safety Is

Our Expectation

At RIHC, not only do we strive to provide a safe, healthy, and incident-free work environment, we EXPECT it.

We take our responsibility to keep clients, subcontractors and the general public surrounding our job sites very seriously. From start to finish, with monthly, weekly and daily safety trainings and analysis, we continuously focus on safety in all aspects of our business.

Work Safety and Accountability

The following safety philosophies are engrained in every RIHC employee from day one:

  • Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility
  • Be Observant
  • Stop Unsafe Acts
  • Take Personal Responsibility & Communicate
  • Do the Right Thing Every Time

Zero Incidents

Zero Incidents is not our goal, it is our EXPECTATION, which may seem unattainable to some at first; however, by pre-planning construction activities, identifying potential hazards and coming up with solutions before construction even begins, an expectation of Zero Incidents is not nearly as impossible to realize.

We empower and EXPECT our employees to stop work and speak up when they have a safety concern. Their future employment with RIHC depends on it. Through frequent safety training and enforcing personal accountability, we ensure that each employee understands safety, uses safe work practices, and stops any unsafe acts.



RIHC is dedicated to providing quality projects that make our clients and subcontractors proud.  We demand quality construction from all engaged parties and work WITH our clients to deliver quality projects, frequently under nearly impossible schedule deadlines.

RIHC’s Internal Quality Program

This program ensures that:

We are meeting all project requirements – the requirements of the design, the contract, and the client.

We are continually improving – regular training on quality related topics allows our employees to identify potential issues before they occur.

Rework is reduced or eliminated – issues are identified and corrections made as the project evolves rather than at the end of the project. Finding mistakes in the field is not effective quality control; putting the processes and controls in place to prevent mistakes from occurring is our ultimate goal.

Our clients are satisfied – our goal is to build projects of the highest quality; projects that exceed our clients’ expectations. We understand that quality control and productivity are not inversely proportional, as we are aware of the consequences of rework, and more importantly dissatisfied clients.

Robinson Industrial, Heavy & Commercial Contracting, LLC, is honored to be an authorized Varco Pruden™ Builder.

Because of this designation, RIHC can build your commercial, industrial, or institutional facility for virtually any end use. Learn more about our Delivery Methods and let’s start a conversation about your project needs.


At RIHC Contracting, we bring the latest technology in design and construction to bear on all projects we undertake. From cloud-based project management systems and supervisors with tablets in lieu of paper drawings, to the latest in BIM technology, our management staff utilizes this technology to ensure that our projects run smoother and finish faster, utilizing less resources than the competition. A few of the technologies utilized on our job sites include:


OpenSpace is a 360-degree photo documentation software. This is generally viewed at the beginning of each OAC meeting. This allows the client the ability to see a recent image from any area within the building and compare progress to a previous date. It also allows for remote QC inspections.


Procore is our cloud-based project management software. In this software we track nearly all project communications, RFIs, submittals, drawings, meeting minutes, etc. This software allows project data, drawings, and the BIM model to be available to field supervision through smart phones and tablets. Room tags are placed in each room which link to relevant submittal data and RFIs from scanning a QR code with your phone. Analytics is also utilized to predict safety and quality trends before they become issues.

Laser Scanning

We utilize laser scanning for numerous tasks, but primarily quality control checks on general building projects. Laser scans can be completed during floor pours to measure flatness and levelness while the concrete is still wet. Scans can also be completed of structure or rooms to determine tolerances for level and plumb and compliance with details. What would have taken a QC inspector a day to check can now be checked with a seven-minute laser scan.


Our entire team utilizes BIM for nearly every project, with cloud hosted BIM 360 Collaborate and clash detection. Our design teams and our field supervisors utilize the BIM model for coordination and visualization.

Primavera P6

Undeniably the most power scheduling software that exists today. The schedule is created to include all aspects of the project: design, procurement, construction, and commissioning. While P6 is a great software, it can be difficult for non-construction personnel to interpret – which is why we link our schedules in Procore for our clients. This allows for straightforward viewing of both the overall schedule and the upcoming tasks.


VisualLive is our augmented reality software. Using this software, the client can see the finished product on an iPad while walking through the incomplete structure. This is a great tool for communicating the final appearance of a particular space.


Truelook is a jobsite camera system that creates time-lapse videos and offers live video feed. This allows our clients to check-in on their projects from anywhere at any time.

This is just a sample of the technology that we employ on our projects. We firmly believe that advanced technology can improve how businesses run and projects are constructed. 

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