Blue Moon Warehouse – Metal & Composite Wall Panels


Pet Care Products Processing Facility – Ft. Smith, AR


Brasfield & Gorrie

Engineering Partner

Gresham, Smith and Partners

Services Provided

General Contractor

Contract Amount


Keith and Brad were great to work with. They helped us tremendously with changes in design scope. Their crew was very efficient.

Eliza Witherspoon, Assistant Project Manager | Brasfield & Gorrie

Project Summary

RIHC was contracted by Brasfield & Gorrie to perform as the general contractor on a project to install 100,000 sq. ft. of insulated metal panel walls and ceilings on the interior of a pet care products processing facility located in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

This project involved a great amount of quality control while maintaining a tight schedule. We worked closely with a subcontractor on this project and involved a high level of coordination with other contractors on site in order to achieve the project goals. The installation began in early October and was completed by the end of January.