Emergency Department & 1708 Lacey Building Renovations


Cape Girardeau, MO



Engineering Partner

Christner Architects

Services Provided

General Contractor

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Project Summary

Robinson was awarded a contract to perform as the general contractor on a renovation project for SoutheastHEALTH in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.


The ED Renovation is a multi-phase remodel of the existing Emergency Department at the SoutheastHEALTH hospital. The aging facility was in need of upgraded systems, finishes, and a new layout to allow for more exam rooms. The ED will remain functional during the entire project so close coordination with facility management, ED staff, and the design team is essential. Each phase will be sealed off from the rest of the ED and kept under negative pressure to ensure patient safety throughout the project.

System upgrades include medical gas, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, nurse call, and communications. All said systems are required to be kept online during the construction. Outages will be closely coordinated and largely completed during off hours. Because the work will sometimes involve loud noise and vibration (i.e. concrete cutting, demo, etc.), work will be carefully coordinated with ED Staff,
as well as with the Operating Rooms on the floor directly above the construction, which are Neurology and Cardiac areas. Updated finishes include flooring, casework, ceilings, paint, and wall protection throughout. Also included in the project are new X-Ray and CT areas, including all overhead support work for the X-Ray and CT machines, as well as lead lining of all the doors, windows, and walls in those rooms. New reception and security areas are also required, which will involve the installation of bullet resistant glass and walls. A portion of the ED contains behavioral health exam rooms that will receive updated finishes and anti-ligature updates. Initially the project was bid to be completed in 28 phases; however, with some outside the box thinking and close coordination with the ED Director, we have been able to reduce the number of phases to 8, in an effort to expedite project completion.


The 1708 Lacey Building Renovation is a complete remodel of an existing 3-story medical office building that is essentially a separate building from the main hospital. The building systems and structure are old and failing and are in need of upgrades. All interior walls and finishes, mechanical, electrical, and fire sprinkler systems will be removed and replaced.

We are tuckpointing the entire building, replacing all the glass and window frames, and replacing the roof. A new drive up/drop off lane will be constructed along the main roadway to the hospital, along with new entryway canopies. The sewer system will be reworked and the existing parking lot, retaining wall system, and landscaping will be completely replaced with new. This is estimated to be an 8 to 9-month project. The new layout is set up for offices, education areas, cardiac rehab, lab areas, and facilities management areas.

Challenges on this project include keeping the hospital’s main server room active during the entire project while completing demolition and replacing all of the building systems, as well as planning for extra-long lead times (24-30 weeks) on the main building systems that are being replaced. Additionally, extra safety measures and planning will be necessary as a large section of the tuckpointing and window replacement is required to be completed off a swing scaffold, which is similar to what window washers use on skyrises.